Lyrics That Psyche Up Sports Fans

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Lyrics That Psyche Up Sports Fans


Music, like Jello, goes with just about anything--and that includes sports. The music and song lyrics played at sporting events pump fans up, make them feel like participants instead of onlookers, and fill in gaps in the action (a red-flag caution at a NASCAR race can be more brutal than a Medieval torture device, unless some rockin' tunes and lyrics are blasting over the PA). So let's take a few moments to give thanks for the music and lyrics that keep us sports fans pumped up.

"Rock and Roll Part 2" - Gary Glitter

This song has no lyrics other than its shouted "HEY!" But that one word, and the taut, military rhythm of its music, has made it a classic rallying battlecry at sporting events. The absence of other lyrics makes this tune perfect in its ability to strongly affect sports fans on a raw, primal level. Great sports anthem or not, when Glitter was arrested on kiddie porn charges in 1997, many stadiums ditched this song from their playlist.

"We Will Rock You" - Queen

Sports fans make entire stadiums vibrate when stomping their feet and clapping their hands along with this tune's primitive drumbeat. And at a sporting event, the lyrics in the song's chorus, "We Will, We Will Rock You," translate to "We Will, We Will Kick Your Ass!" Queen's guitarist, Brian May, who composed the song's music and lyrics, was inspired to create a song that encouraged audience participation. It segues into the music and lyrics of "We Are the Champions," another popular sporting-event song.

"Welcome to the Jungle" - Guns 'N' Roses

A powerful, aggressive song, "Welcome to the Jungle" is cranked up at sporting events when the home team wants to intimidate the out-of-towners, and fire up the crowd. Football's Cincinnati Bengals are known as the first team to use this song and its take-no-prisoners lyrics to unnerve their opponents. And when Axl Rose screams out the threat, "Welcome to the jungle, baby! You gonna die!", those aren't just lyrics he made up out of sheer bravado. Rose had supposedly been hitchhiking, and decided to sleep at a New York City playground, when a voice in the darkness said those same words to him, and sent him running for his life.

"The Final Countdown" - Europe

This tune's signature keyboard riff and lyrics, "It's the final countdown," have been used to communicate impending doom to opponents in sports ranging from Formula 1 racing to boxing to professional wrestling to basketball. Europe's singer, Joey Tempest, never imagined part of the long, symphonic rock piece would become an international sports anthem. Actually, it's best that the rest of the song's lyrics aren't used at sporting events. It's doubtful that anyone would be intimidated or psyched up by spacey lyrics like, "We're heading for Venus/And still we stand tall/'Cause maybe they've seen us/And welcome us all."

"Start Me Up" - The Rolling Stones

Only a cat probably has more lives than this song and its lyrics have had. It's a radio favorite, it was used by Microsoft for the 95 Windows campaign, it was featured in a Ford commercial, it's played by the Blue Angels before every air show, and it's endured as a call-to-arms during countless sporting events. The Stones even played it live during the 2006 Superbowl XL, rephrasing its sexual lyrics. And since it IS about sex, I guess that would make it a true song about sports--of the indoor variety.

Get psyched for your next sports event with lyrics from Smart Lyrics, and check out their newest lyrics to get you pumped up for the game.

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Lyrics That Psyche Up Sports Fans