Golf Terms

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Golf Terms

Golf Terms

Golf seems to have its own language. In order to play and keep score you'll need to know what these terms mean.


Ace A hole in one.

Address The position of your body in relation to the ball when making a shot.

Away The word used to describe the ball furthest from the hole. This is the first ball played on the green.


Backswing The part of the swing where the club moves away from the ball.

Ball Marker A small, flat object used to mark the place where the ball lies.

Birdie Score of one under par on a hole.

Bogey A score of one stroke over par on a hole.

Bunker A hazard filled with sand also called a sand trap.


Caddie The person who carries your clubs for a round of golf. They are used only at major country clubs or resorts.

Carry The distance the ball travels on your hit.

Chip A very short shot to the green.

Cleat Spikes on the bottom of golf shoes.

Course Rating The difficulty of a course as designated by the USGA.

Cup The container in the green that holds the flag and ultimately the ball.


Deuce A score of 2 for the hole.

Divot The turf displaced when a shot is made.

Double Bogey A score of 2 over par for a hole.

Double Eagle A score of 3 under par for the hole.

Draw A golf shot that curves from left to right.

Drive The shot from off the tee usually the first hit of the hole.

Driving Range A place to practice golf shots.

Duffer A bad golf player.


Eagle A score of 2 under par for a hole.


Fade A golf shot that gently curves from left to right.

Fairway The mowed grass area leading from the tee to the green.

Flagstick The flag in the cup of each green. It is removed when players rach the green.

Front Nine The first 9 holes of the 18 hole course. The last 9 holes are called the Back Nine.


Green The shortest grassy area where the hole is located. Putting is done on the green.

Greens Fee The cost to play a round of golf.


Handicap The number of strokes over par that a golfer is expected to score.

Hazard Either water or sand on a hole.

Hole The ultimate goal of golf. There are 18 holes on regulation courses.

Hook A shot that curves severely from right to left.


Irons The metal faced golf clubs.


Lie Where your ball is on the ground.


Misclub To use the wrong club for the shot.


One-putt To take only one putt on the green.

Out-of-bounds The area outside the play area of the course.


Par The expected score for a hole.

Pitch A short, high shot used on approach to the green.

Play Through To go ahead of the group in front when invited to do so. This happens when one group is slower than the one behind.

Putter A straight-faced club used on greens.


Rough The area of tall grass outside the fairway.


Scorecard The card used to record the scores.

Short Game The shots played near and on the green.

Slice A golf shot that curves sharply from left to right.

Stance The position of the feet for the swing.

Stroke One hit (or attempt to hit) the ball.


Tee The wooden peg used to hit the ball from for the first hole.

Triple Bogey A score of three over par for the hole.


Woods The golf clubs used to tee off with.

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Golf Terms