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Learn Proper Golf Etiquette Before You Learn How To Play

Golf Etiquette is a principle that needs to be learned from right in the beginning of learning the game along with how to use the correct golf swing mechanics.

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Etiquette is social mannerisms that needs to be taught in order to make everyone else that's playing with you that much more enjoyable to be with on the golf course.

With the evolution of the game and more average golfers watching golf on television. The popularity of the game has exploded and now everyone feels like that they can play the game just like the tournament professionals.

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That's why knowing the local and U.S.G.A. rules are so important when it comes to fair play. Becoming a role model that abides by the rules, having social etiquette, all leads to outstanding gamesmanship play.

On any given weekend, with the game's popularity at an all-time high, there are more people than ever playing golf. Cheers regularly sprout up after making putts and long drives,and it happens everywhere from private clubs to public golf courses.

The number one gripe by most golfers is slow play. Whatever it takes. Whether it's picking up the golf ball or throwing it up to the edge of the green, always maintain a ready to play position on the golf course well ahead of the group behind you.

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The problems most golf course marshals will tell you is that when it comes to recreational golfers they tend to spend way too much time on inferior play or lost golf balls.

No one ever mastered the game in a day, and even a $4 Titleist Pro V1x isn't worth ruining the round for the groups behind you.

Most golf etiquette is based upon common sense.

Don't touch your golf ball and play from where it lies unless otherwise stated in agreement by everyone else playing with you. Don't fake sneezing or refrain from talking when someone in your group is going through their golf swing.

Repairing ball marks on the green and divots in the fairway makes the golf course play better for everyone. Personal space is also crucial. Stand out of the lines of sight in all playing situations. Don't crowd.

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Above all else be fair to yourself and everyone else by counting all of your strokes and marking down the correct score on the scorecard.

When you hit the ball out of bounds admit to it, and play your next shot according to the rules of the game. Even if it means walking back to the tee box to rehit with a stroke penalty.

When your on the green don't trample another player's putting line. Be aware of shadows over people's lines and over the cup. As petty as this may sound don't pull your golf ball after making a putt with your putter.

A dented cup made by your putter or another golf ball left in the hole can actually propel another golf ball out. Stranger things have happened.

The general consensus is that most rules are broken, not out of spite, but out of ignorance. A beginner grounding a club in a sand trap (stroke penalty) is usually not trying to gain a competitive advantage. If that same beginner putts out of turn (closer to the hole) it's normally not intentional, either.

Good Etiquette is all about common sense but, what about gamesmanship? Pushing proper etiquette to the limits?

Golf psychology was meant as a form of torture for golfers no matter what your skill level your at. You get players that will try to get into your head. They'll say little things that try to get you going.

Subtleties do become obvious and can lead to anger, fights, obscene language, and walking off the golf course leaving your group behind you.

I hate it when your teeing off and someone starts walking before you even hit the ball. I would catch the person out of the corner of my eye.

I remember in a High School match my good friend that I played golf with on a regular basis did this to me. He would do this for three or four holes.

I warned him that I had no idea or control when I hit the golf ball where it was going. I asked him was I holding him up?

I've always hit a low trajectory shot. I still do today. I have no idea how to hit a high trajectory, my golf swing mechanics is based upon memory of how to hit a low trajectory.

The problem is if someone is standing in front of me, and I hit my missile shot the golf ball can do great damage to the body. I believe I could cut you in half. I've tried it on the yellow pages book and the golf ball did cut a hole right through it.

Anyways were on a par 5 and my friend hits a great second shot. We believe he made it onto the green, and he goes running to the bend in the fairway on top of the hill to look.

Not realizing other golfers in our group are also hitting. Now it's my turn and I ask him to get behind a tree to the side of the fairway.

He ignores me so I hit my 3 wood and it's a blazing rocket about waist length off the fairway, and you guessed it? It hits him squarely in the rib cage and he goes down like a deer being shot.

I thought I had killed him. He wasn't moving and we had to get a rescue crew to the scene. That night I visited him in the hospital it turns out he was lucky.

The golf ball broke two of his ribs and bruised his lung. It could of been a lot worse. That was 36 years ago and I bet you he still has the golf ball dimples where it him to show for it.

Some groups think they're the only ones in the whole world. You can now frequently hear more often hoots and hollers. I'm noticing that a little bit more, and on a golf course like mine that has close fairways and greens, it can become a distraction.

The bottom line with playing golf it's as close to reflecting real life. Treat others with respect and your surroundings as you would have them treat you, and if you have a question, ask for it.

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